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The Diary of Deadly Deathness

dread thy deadination!

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Have you ever looked at your own profile you made on a website? It's not a tendency I wish to bestow on anyone who had what I had prior to this one. I was not amused.

The logical conclusion is that I'm writing something new. Something dazzling, exciting, revolutionary.. and other such hypey buzzwords rarely ever fulfilled if employed in feisty unison. This is no exception to that tendency, for I truly don't like the idea of typing up a mini-biography (and full length renditions would be too pretentious much effort!). Surely, summaries are best left for the lives that aren't that interesting, and I am simply too positively deluded to put myself in that category.

This is all you're going to get here.

But, if you're on my friends list and such, you can click here for a page with additional contact information.
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